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It all started when our founders met a family run eyewear manufacturer during their business trip in Italy. They were amazed by the sophisticated design and exquisite craftsmanship of the sunglasses that was impressively produced by a modest business.

What was even more inspiring was the discovery that the price tag was marked comparably lower than other sunglasses brands that are notoriously controlled by a single company which often leaves customers with limited options.

Thereafter upon realizing that quality sunglasses tagged with reasonable prices could be efficiently provided by up and coming businesses, our founders decided to share their valuable findings to the community by trading off their current business in favor of starting their own line of sunglasses.

Our founders subsequently paid homage to the Italian eyewear maker, David Jann by naming their business after him.

Our Sunwear

The sunglasses collection designed through a marriage of original in-house ideas and widely-celebrated international trends. It is our intention to provide the best of both worlds to our customers in terms of originality and trendiness in designs without going overboard.

All sunglasses incorporated with premium polarized lenses that deliver UV protection while maintaining maximum clarity and color. All sunglasses manufactured with the finest materials and are inspected at least twice before delivery.

How It Works

Innovation is one of the key aspects that David Jann swears by and this can be proven by how it challenges the traditional operational channels. David Jann does not utilize the service of a middle person. The business operates in one direct channel which inevitably reduces the cost while allowing the founders to have a personal touch with their products. All sunglasses are designed in-house and customers have the privilege to engage with their designs. The grant of this privilege promotes the quality of the sunglasses while encouraging the preservation of authenticity of the sunglasses even when they are sold at a fraction of the going price.

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